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Plum Lace Knit Hat
I bought this fleece from my friend Cheryl in Orofino, Idaho.  It came from her Border Leicester ewe, Poppy.  I loved the grey color, but once processed, it had kind of a brown tinge to it.  Not that it was bad, I just like nice clear greys, and with the touch of brown, I thought it would make a nice mauve color if I over dyed it with a bit of pink.  After talking to my friend Pam, who is an expert at hand dying, I felt I could get the color I wanted.  I finished spinning the wool and then dyed the yarn.  Well, as with all first time tries, it didn't come out exactly like I planned!  I used a bit too much dye(math is not my strong suit) and got plum instead.  gee.  how awful.   what a shame......   It was Gorgeous!   When you over dye, you get natural variegation's of color and intensity as the base color adds to the over all look.  This is the same wool used to make the shawl I have listed and this hat can go with it.  Or you can buy it alone and enjoy a truly unique creation.  This barrette style hat is knit with a pattern I call Antique Rose Lace.  This lace pattern was first published in an 1880 edition of the New York Times.  Hand wash in cool water with a bit of vinegar to help the color stay bright.  Dry flat.
Grey Lace Knit Hat
This wool is naturally colored, and from my favorite Finnsheep ewe, Ma.  Heck, Ma was the favorite of all my sheep!  She was also my milk sheep, and you just develop a special bond with a sheep when you are that' up close and personal' twice a day.  Like all Finnsheep, she loved to be in the company of people. If you remember the movie, BABE, with the pig who herded sheep, you will remember the old lead ewe named MA who taught Babe how to get along with the sheep.  My Ma was like her, and that is how she got her name.   I have a hat like this one of my own, or it would not be for sale. This is the last piece of Ma's wool I will sell because she is gone now.  Ma produced a good clear grey with lots of life to it!  The color variations are all natural and will never fade.  Soft and warm and completely had made with love!  This barrette style hat is knit with a Leaf Lace pattern into it.  Hand wash in cool water and dry flat.
Cream Lace Knit Hat
This is the natural color of white wool, a soft cream and very warm.  This yarn was spun a bit thicker from my Icelandic cross ewe, Liza.  The thicker yarn makes the hat a bit heavier, but very warm and perfect for frosty winters!  Even with the Antique Rose Lace pattern knit into this barrette style hat, it will keep you toasty and warm in any weather.  Hand wash only in cool water and dry flat.
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