Forest Camo
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Forest Camo

I would first like to thank a special person for the idea of this bar, Enola Gay. I first saw her Camo soap years ago online and being a person that recognizes genius, I knew I had to try to make a bar similar to that.  I had already perfected my hot processed soap that has a distinctive marble look, and knew right away that this was going to be the most challenging.  With 4 different colors to work into the bar, it takes speed and skill to get the right mix before the soap sets up. If it sets up before you are done, the whole batch can be ruined. You make one batch of the hot process soap, but then, just at the right moment, you split the soap into four different containers. Then you have to work quickly mixing all four at the same time because speed is of the essence. I usually bring in my husband for this step since I do not have four hands! Then there was finding the perfect fragrance to go into so robust a bar.  I tried some forest fragrances, but they just didn't have the right smell. Something was missing. Then I decided to try something new to me, a fragrance oil that starts with real patchouli and cedar essential oils. It was perfect! Earthy and manly with the right amount of forest to keep our menfolk happy! Each bars weighs at least 4 oz. And should last around 30 showers. We make our soap using well or spring water.  Sometimes I purchase spring or distilled water, but I prefer using local water that adds a special touch to each batch. Enjoy!


Saponified Palm oil or Beef Tallow,

Saponified olive oil,

Saponified coconut oil,

Bees wax,

African Shea Butter,


Cosmetic grade fragrance oil made with essential oils,

and Cosmetic grade colors.

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