Desert Rain
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Desert Rain

With a hint of ozone, this blue and white swirl bar reminds you of the fragrance in the air after a rain shower.  This soap is made with all food grade oils and cosmetic grade colors. The fragrance oil is cosmetic grade and free of harmful chemicals.  We make this soap in our little RV kitchen using local water if supplied by a spring or a well. If it is water that has been treated with chlorine only, we let the water sit out and let the chlorine evaporate so the water is pure again.  This soap is cold processed so it can have that artistic swirl.  As you use the soap, the swirl changes and stays as pretty as the day you buy it!.  We purchase real African Shea butter and it is added for extra moisturizing. The Bees Wax adds to the hardness of the bar to make it last. Sliced to size, these bars weigh in at about 4 oz each. Each bar should last a person for about 30 showers, give or take. This bar takes a little longer to be ready for your use. This means that rather than a couple of days, it takes about a month before it is ready for your use. We make this well in advance, so even if we are out of stock, there should be some nearing the point that we can sell it.


Saponified Palm Oil or Beef Tallow,

Saponified Olive Oil,

Saponified Coconut Oil,

Bees Wax,

Shea Butter,


Cosmetic grade Fragrance Oil and

Cosmetic grade Colors.

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Great Soap
I first bought this soap at the auction/swap meet in Quartzsite, Az., while meeting up with friends. As I age, I have become allergic to store-bought soap which has to be treated with hydrocortisone creams; the Desert Rain is not only a great fragrance soap, but doesn't cause me to breakout in a rash. Last January I bought six bars and not once have I needed the cortisone cream.
10/7/2015 - Jeff Bell
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