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New Product is now in stock on all soaps!  If it is cold processed it is a little young, but should be usable by the time you receive your order.  Thank you for your patience. All emailed orders are being filled first.

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Using the menu above select the Department you wish and enjoy your worry free shopping experience with Judy and Mike Ozmer! Below is a description of what we do and you can read more on the about us page. In the future Judy plans a blog also.

FarmWife Soaps starts,  of course, on the Farm!  My first base oil is home rendered beef tallow from grass fed, family farm raised real cows.  Cows and steers that got to run and play with their mothers.  Growing naturally on their good milk and eating grass and hay until they grow to the proper size and age.  These animals are then humanely killed, sometimes right in their own home pasture, without stress or pain.  I never use fat that is commercially processed from feed lot cattle.  

Then I add real coconut oil and lots of olive oil with a touch of bees wax and Shea butter for added nutrients and moisturizing.  These are called base oils, and they are what makes FarmWife soap a nice firm bar with lots of rich lather. 

After that I add your favorite part, the fragrances!  I use real essential oils for some of them, and essential oil based fragrance oils for others.  All are phylate free and approved for all cosmetic uses.  I have done some blending of my own of both fragrance and essential oils, like Grapefruit Mango. Yummy with sweet mango fragrance oil and a the refreshing bite of Grapefruit essential oils, it is Mike's favorite!  I bought this soap from a home soap maker 8 years ago, and Mike got hooked on it. Then she stopped making this fragrance and I could not find it anywhere else. So I decided I needed to learn how to make soap myself, and FarmWife Soaps was born.

I get my nice bright colors from another cosmetic industry, eye shadows!  The mica and oxide I use are sold primarily to home crafters that make eye shadows and other cosmetics.  This is a growing trend as they use ingredients that are natural and not full of questionable chemicals.  Just pure oils and colors, like FarmWife Soap.  I also use some clays for specialty bars, like Dead Sea Clay or Moroccan Clay. Clays are the most natural coloring you can get.

I use both cold and hot process methods to make FarmWife Soap.  To start, I mix my base oils together with pure, food grade sodium hydroxide (also known as lye) and water.  This causes a chemical process called saponification.  This is what turns fat and water into soap!   Lye is a caustic, and you need to handle it carefully.  

Some people have used very harsh bars of soap in the past, because the soap maker didn't know about a process called 'super fatting.'   All oils need a certain amount of lye to saponify them completely.  I use a 'lye calculator' to tell me that number then I subtract a percentage of the lye from the recipe.  This leaves a percent of those nice oils free in the bar, and that is what makes your skin feel good!  FarmWife soap is super fatted to 7-8%, a bit higher then most soap makers.  Many super fat to 5%, but I found my skin was getting dry again after a year or so of making my own soap. So I decreased the lye a bit, leaving more of those nourishing oils to help my skin and I have not had to make any more adjustments.  Other then the addition of real African Shea butter this year. I met a very nice African gentleman who imports Shea butter from his home village, and I bought some to try.  I will be getting more as I really like the added smoothness and I think you will too! 

A little known by-product of the saponification process, is the formation of natural glycerin.  FarmWife soap, being made at home, has that glycerin in the bar in the proper proportion to really moisturize your skin.  All store bought, mass produced soaps have had the glycerin chemically removed, then they sell the glycerin for a profit.  Some people love the pure glycerin soaps, but I never understood why my skin was still dry after using them.  I have since learned that glycerin in a high concentration will drain your skin of moisture, and the glycerin soaps were doing just that to me!  

FarmWife cold processed soaps are smooth and buttery, and most are a 2 color swirl or wave.  The hot process makes the bar look very marbled, and like Forest Camo, a lot like a rock!  That is the fun of using both processes, and I have developed my special recipe that works for both.  So you get the same wonderful lather and benefits no matter what fragrance is your favorite.  

I hand trim each bar before I approve it for sale to you.  Then I wrap it in a cheap little strip of paper and use the label to hold it on.  Why would I take such a fine, carefully crafted bar of soap, and use such a plain wrapper?  Well, last I checked, you were going to take that wrapper off and throw it away! Why would I put money and time into something that is going to end up in your trash can?  I put top quality into my SOAP, because that is what I am selling to you! Soap, not a bathroom decoration. This also helps to keep the cost down. Why pay extra for something you will throw away. Granted, you can use it as a decoration and it will make any room smell nicely for a while.

Then, as the scent fades, it is time to use that top layer of soap in your shower so you can have the wonderful benefits of real soap and quality oils to make your skin, top to bottom, feel and look it's best! You will also notice, that when you use that bar of soap the first time, the fragrance comes out like it was new!  The fragrances may evaporate from the top, thin layer of soap, but it is sealed inside for you to enjoy from your first shower to your last.  So go ahead, try a bar. Take off that cheap little wrapper and turn on the water.  Jump in and find out just how nice your skin can feel when you use real, natural FarmWife Soap.  Enjoy!

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